Built on the principle that your website is a business tool, and that to make it generate leads organically, it has to be constructed with search and conversion as the main considerations. The design only applied once those key features are in place. This is a direct contrast to how most websites are built. Most websites fail. We believe that the ‘design first’ principle is a key reason why they fail.

By following a ‘business first’ website construction model, the final result is a website that has a solid and capable Search Foundation.

SearchFoundation was created by Perry Bernard – his fourth website to be dedicated to SEO. It’s the successor of the highly ranked website ‘seoservices.net.nz’.

SearchFoundation soft launches in June, 2017 and will become publicly discoverable in Google after that time. This is not going to give it rank. It has to earn rank, like every other website project, on the merits of it’s content and the strength of its links.

This is an experiment in rank growth.

For enquiries about SearchFoundation or any other of Perry’s work, please contact him direct at mail@perrybernard.com