Google Adwords

Adwords campaigns delivered by SearchFoundation are about delivering return on investment by way of sales or leads or providing performance outcomes to assist with organic strategy. We are Adwords Certified by Google

Adwords is the ideal proving ground for testing keywords to see if they will lead to real business leads. The rank position, user-traffic and results are immediate.

Services include:

Keyword Research
Campaign Setup
On-going Management
ROI Targeting
Re-marketing Campaigns
Analytics & Business Intelligence

Need to get visitors to your website now?

Sometimes, the task of improving your SEO, applying great copywriting, using the right keywords, and making your conversion pathway smooth and seamless is going to be too slow or still doesn’t get you the result you’re after due to stiff competition. A great way to solve this is with Pay Per Click Campaigns like Google Adwords. Adwords is also the best way to define premium converting keywords to use in your organic SEO campaign.

Use Adwords for short term or seasonal promotions too, or occasional promos like Christmas. Plus, it’s perfect for any website that is just getting launched.

SearchFoundation provides Google Adwords campaign setup and management. An unmissable opportunity to get prime spots in Google.

The Value of Paid Rank:

The purpose of Google Adwords first and foremost is to make money for its shareholders. But they will be careful not to show you ads that aren’t relevant to your search! If Google shows irrelevant ads, users will get annoyed with them, or simply grow a habit of ignoring them. They therefore need to make sure that ads are in fact relevant as much as possible. The quality guidelines in place in Adwords are now highly aligned with their recommendations for SEO, therefore using paid ads on a regular basis is not only a great source of extra leads, but an ideal place to gain an understanding of Google’s quality guidelines. Incidentally, it also helps develop some powerful Business Intelligence we can use to your advantage. Ask us about this service.

The area where most users will view and click links continues to be the unpaid “organic” search results. About 60-70% of people ignore the paid ads and look directly into the organic results to find what they are looking for. So making sure you get good organic ranking is more financially viable in the long run for most businesses.

If you choose not to use Google Adwords to reach your market, then you are ignoring about 35% of your available customer base who are actually searching for you. That’s similar to standing at your shop entrance and turning away 1 person in every 3. Would you do that?

About 30-40% of clicks go to paid ads