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Bringing together the power of Google Analytics, Search Console, Adwords and Data Studio, SearchFoundation un-covers patterns in big data to deliver astounding insights into your online business operations.

Understanding where you’re winning or loosing is the key to figuring out how to avoid the one you don’t want

The understandable:

Sales Performance for Your Teams
Reporting for Stakeholders
Displaying data for Easy Referral
Help Visualise Your KPIs
Identifying Opportunities

The technical:

Analyse Conversion Pathway
Resolve Abandoned Funnels
Understand Lead Source Value
Source / Medium Comparisons
Click Attribution Modeling

Imagine a retail shop, it’s one of many. It stands on a street surrounded by Competitors. The traffic passes, and some might stop nearby, or even park right outside your door. Across the street is a bus stop where people arrive like clockwork. Not far away, some shoppers arrive by taxi, while others walked from their homes to get here, but most drove their own cars. There is a constant stream of pedestrians during daylight hours, and quiet in the evenings and nights. Some shoppers step purposefully into your door to buy from you, while others browse or window-shop. Shoppers who had a good experience in your shop come back. Some you never see again.

Now imagine this shop is your website:

Google Search Console – it’s the analytics tool that reveals information about the people who got to your street or came into your shop on foot, or in their own cars. They didn’t pay someone else to get there, not did you pay for their transport. They might even have simply been passing by on the way to a Competitor. They came to your street for a reason – GSC reveals a big part of that reason and connects it with a specific stand or product in your store, but nothing beyond that. Google owns this information, but are happy to share it with you, but only if you can prove you own the shop (website) in question.

Google Analytics – the industry’s ‘first choice’ tool for measuring interactions on a website, page or document. It’s like the ultimate map of what the shopper has done once they got inside your shop. It also reveals how they got there – did they take the bus, or walk, but it doesn’t reveal the reason why. It tags them to see if they come back again some time in the next month or two, and also might let you know some basic facts about the shopper, like gender and age range and what devices they used to guide them in their visit. This information is yours. Google can reveal it to you, because you ask them to measure it, but they are not allowed to share it with anyone else.

Google Adwords – the most well-known pay-per-click lead generation system that brings traffic to your website. This is like the bus or taxi that brings your shoppers – but you paid for their fare. It reveals why they got to your shop, but it doesn’t tell you what they looked at, or what other questions they asked your sales clerk. If you set it up right, it does report on how much money they spent while in your store. It can also reveal if your effort of getting the shoppers there has been profitable for you. The data belongs to you. It wont be revealed to anyone else.

SearchFoundation brings these three data sources together into Data Studio to drive powerful reporting systems and reveal valuable insights into the success (or failure) of your business, the connectivity between lead source, and sales or enquiries, cost centres, return custom, or abandoned funnels. Our reporting is an invaluable addition to any campaign and an integral part of the services we offer.