Content Creation

SearchFoundation uses professional copywriters for all text content requirements that require optimisation to ensure all work leverages and follows Google’s latest advice.

If Organic Rank is a factor your business is counting on to attain success, then you’ll need to have a content development plan that’s better than your competitors’

Services include:

Keyword Research
Content Development Plan
Copywriting Services
Page Optimisations
Sharing Strategy
Analytics & Business Intelligence

We Handle the Hard Work

Copywriting isn’t as simple as you might think at first. We’ve seen a lot of business owners struggle to write a solid page for their website, let alone fill every page.

It’s hard work.

It requires an excellent command of language and the ability to come up with just the right words. Copywriting for web adds yet another dimension to the skill needed for which keyword research is the foundation.

Web copy is designed to do these main jobs:

  1. Attract search traffic by being optimised for search
  2. Engage, inform and guide your visitor.

Content is King

Ever heard the expression? It’s become a cliche in the search marketing industry since about 2011. Well, this is more true now than ever before. If your competition for page 1 ranking has 5 pages of really great content, well, just write 8 pages of really great content yourself. If your ranked competitor has 10 pages of great content, you should write 15. And so on. While all the other SEO techniques mentioned in this website are valid and help in the big picture, this is probably the number 1 SEO tip we can give you.