what people say.

“…extremely talented and is considered to be one of the top people in the SEO field.”
Robert O’Haver (Industry Leader – USA)

“Perry is helping us take care of our business. Point of difference: he really cares and is excited by watching the positive changes”
Kerry Law (Client – NZ)

“…he is one of those with a firm grasp of how search really works. Never afraid to ask questions or to back up his opinions with sound data”
Sheldon Campbell (Industry Leader – AUS)

“Perry made it easy to understand what we needed to do – and what we shouldn’t be wasting our money on.”
Wilson Hull (Client – NZ)

“…Perry is my go to person for SEO advice”
Kate Toon (Industry Leader – AUS)

“A self taught SEO genius, Perry is an enormous asset to the Forge team, where I have the pleasure of working alongside him.”
Phil Rose (Former Colleague – NZ)

“… blown away by Perry’s in depth knowledge of digital analytics, and his ability to answer the tough questions”
Adriano Di Palma (Industry expert – AUS)

“…incredible understanding of how to harness the power of the internet to build your business.”
Roger McSaveney (Employer – NZ)

“…the best in the business, and offers genuinely credible SEO and online marketing advice”
Shona Bracey (Client – NZ)

“…genuinely wants to help businesses and to educate business owners on how better to position themselves online.”
Trey Collier (Pro-Bono Client – USA)

“…attention to detail, understanding of the scope of work to be undertaken and general “can do” attitude was appreciated.”
Owen Grauman (Client – NZ)

“…a true professional with a real interest in helping business owners no matter what size their business is.”
Jude Mannion (Client – NZ)